Sunroof won't close-2000 accord


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Sunroof won't close-2000 accord

My sun roof(moon roof)won't close all the way on my 2000 Honda Accord (4 cyd).It will slide back and forth but will not close the last inch.The switch has 3 positions--1-close,2-the back of sunroof lifts up,3-sunroof slides back and forth.To finally close the sunroof has to lift up the last inch,in the back.The switch will not work in the 2nd position,in the 1st position it will only close up to the final inch,only position 3 works.Tried the hand crank and that wouldn't close the last inch either,it did move sunroof back and forth.How can I close and just leave it closed.
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Haven't worked on Hondas Version of this but assuming its like other imports there will be a couple of cams that "drop it down" and lock it down. They can be a pain to access and do require removal of the head liner panel. It sounds like one has broken or worn out jamming it up that final close and lock down
wish I could be more help good luck.
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You may have a broken cable like I do on my 95 Jetta. I taped mine shut from the roof. Considering the fact it isn't worth fixing on my car, I might just caulk it shut. or use expanding foam on it.

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