1985 dodge truck light wiring


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1985 dodge truck light wiring

I have a 1985 dodge w250. Had to put in new wiring for the tail lights. I cut the wires on the back side of the rear diff. Then added new wire. I have both tail and turn. But no break or hazard light.
what did i mess doing can any one help me please
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Did you have them before the wiring replacement??????

Sounds an awful lot like a failed turn signal switch.......

If the directionals work, themn you have the wiring correct.. The turn signal switch is responsible for separating the brake lights from the signals.....

Step on the brake and wiggle the turn signal stalk, Do your brake lamps come on?????

Whoa ...., hold on, Stop the presses.....You did check the brake light fuse didnt you??????
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1985 dodge w250

i did check the break fuse it was ok before i started i had the left turn it all went out at once the wiring was in bad shape thats why i replaced it i dont have the backup lights hooked up the turn switch is ok its allmost new put it in 2 years ago

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