2003 Dodge Durango Leak under hood


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2003 Dodge Durango Leak under hood

I have a 2003 Dodge Durango SXT 8 cylinder 4.9 engine with approx. 80,000 miles.Recently I have noticed some fluid (antifreeze I think) on the garage floor--not a lot, but from time to time have added some (antifreeze/water mixture) via the overflow reservoir. Lately I am seeing white streaks on and around the battery area- looks like maybe a hose(?) has a leak & maybe spraying fluid in that area. In the photo below I've highlighted some hoses with yellow arrows which look swollen but not really sure. Today my teenager was driving the car & he saw smoke coming out of the hood & when he got home I lifted the hood & looks like a lot of fluid all over. I waited an hour or so and added the mixture as usual to the reservoir-it didnt look totally empty-- but I checked an hour later and am not positive but looks like more fluid came out. So wondering if that helps identify the problem & any help would be appreciated. Money is very tight now & any ideas and tips would be appreciated..thanks so much!
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The old addage a pictue is worth a 1000 words comes to mind.
Yes both of those hoses look swolen to me also was the system under pressue at the time they were taken or had you opened that cap first? By the OEM hose clamps I'll bet they are org equipment hoses. I'd start with both hoses and get rid of those tension clamps they don't hold worth a darn after being removed I've even had them split on removal(Just to save you an extra trip to the parts store)since you didn't mention overheating problems I'll shy away from reccommending a thermo. It does look like your problem is in that area you may also think about a new cap .While you have it apart inspect that rad cap housing for cracks as well.
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re: 2003 Dodge Durango Leak

Thanks so much for your response!
First-I originally did not open the cap at the time as knew it was really hot & I only added antifreeze via the overflow reservoir.
I decided to let the car cool off & since it was dark -to wait till the a.m. so I could see better. In the morning I opened the radiator cap & it was full--and there was not much leakage on the ground. I started the car and the oil pressure light came on & the motor made a weird rattling noise I have never heard before. I checked the oil and though not real low--it was barely into the "add oil" point I did add about half qt.
Later I started car, went around block & oil light remains on & noise is also stilll there. I tried to look at the belts (though as amateur!) & everything seemed to be turning --AC is working--seems to be no difference in sound when I rev motor or turn on/off AC, etc.

However I decided to ask my new teen driver if there was anything else he could tell me--did he run over curb or whatever--as it will save me time, my back is killing me etc. etc. To my surprise (gulp!) he said "sorry dad--I didn't see a speed bump and..." of course I knew the rest!
Obviously when I was a kid, had we had speed breakers--I would have done the same--though never would have told my parents! My wife said--oh I did that when I was a kid-probably the oil pan!
Anyway I then decided to look under the car--I couldnt really see anything --and stuck camera under car and now I see stuff but dont know what Im looking at. Is that green thing an oil filter & could that be the problem? I am including more pics and video--hope if you click on the thumbnail it will show the larger picture..thanks so much for your help!<P>

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