89 Chevy 1500 wiring diagramn-intermmittent start circuit


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89 Chevy 1500 wiring diagramn-intermmittent start circuit

Does anyone have a wiring diagram covering the start circuit from the ignition key to the starter relay/solenoid?
My son's truck has had an intermittent problem for some time.
Starting at the ignition switch, to the neutral park switch and to the starter solenoid, I would like to know of any other switches or electrical plugs that may be corroded and the actual physical location of such.
The headlamps do not dim during a start attempt indicating no bad power connections. Thanks for any help. Tom
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Autozone has diagrams..might be a bit hard to read sometimes. Can't link to it..but its in the repair guides under electrical.

I don't get the statement about the headlights and no bad power connection. With headlights on during a start..the lights will always dim (or go out on some cars) when the starter engages. If the solenoid isn't putting juice to the starter..then no..no dimming. My cars lights won't even come on til the engine starts.

Do you hear the solenoid click during the no start times?

Just looking..but I don't see anything....bat-solenoid-neut safety- ig switch. Things were simpler back then.

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Thanks Gunguy. Will check out auto Zone.
The statement about the lights not going dim simply was meant that the battery terminals or power cables had no corrosion or loose connections which would cause voltage drop voltage drop, which would cause the lights to dim or more likely go out. Tom
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sounds like the ignition switch is either mis-adjusted or bad, not making connection when you turn the key to the start position. try jumping from the battery terminal on the starter selonoid to the start terminal with a remote starter, this will eliminate the starter and selonoid as being the trouble, if she turns over the starter and selonoid are okay.

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