Help! Truck will not move(unless given a lot of gas)


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Help! Truck will not move(unless given a lot of gas)

First off I am very new to the site, this is a transmission question more than anything else and I don't know if I am posting in the correct forum, if so I apologize up front.

I have a Diesel 4700 International Box Truck (2000 yr model). It has an automatic transmission.

Friend of mine drove the truck about 60 miles roundtrip and everything was normal, until he stopped and put in park to open gate, When he got back in and put it in drive, nothing happened it just sat there.

Idling fine and running fine, lever goes into drive and reverse just fine, but truck does not move.

I looked at truck (transmission fluid was low, so i filled it up to normal) and thought emergency brake was hung and thus not allowing the truck to move as when I press the accelarator down long enough(higher rpm's), the truck would start moving, albeit very slowly.

I maybe drove it a total of 20 yards and then put it in reverse for 20 yds and cut it off. Burning smell coming from under the truck, I thought to myself aha! must be the emergency brake burning, BUT No! the smell was coming from transmission housing and was very hot to the touch.

Any thoughts?, is the transmission ruined or could it be something else (maybe less costly)?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Sounds like you lost a band in the trans unfortunatly sounds like you will be looking for a new trans. First and reverse are on the same hyd. circut in an auto trans it is possible the converter took a dump on you but all the little metal frags. will go into the trans from it sorry JJ.

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