1993 Ford Ranger RPM Unsteady


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Smile 1993 Ford Ranger RPM Unsteady

My Ford seems to have a few problems. I'll start with one problem at a time. Right now after it sat for over a week, it died on me on the way to work. It took awhile, but it finally started and it seems to run fine after awhile. As I'm driving, especially when I shift from 2nd to 3rd gear, it starts to buck then dies as I'm driving then comes back on and continues fine. The cutting out and bucking is getting worse. Right now I decided to take my time to work on it. I plugged in a Ford Code Scanner and it spits out a 59 and 52 code when the key is on and the engine is not running. Anyway, while I am running the engine, I noticed the RPM is never steady. It seems to flucuate 50-100RPM as I keep the accelator steady. It also flucuates on idle. The check engine light is off at this time. Any ideas?
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Ok .... Dust the cobwebs off the brain and here goes.....

As memory serves...52 is an Open P/S pressure switch....I dont recall if you have a steering box, or rack /pinion...but in the pressure line from the pump to your "STEERING APPARATUS" will be a two wire connector...make sure it is plugged in securely...Most of the time they just rot away and fall off...This is a definite possibility for your Surge/ fluctuation.

59 is a bit fuzzy, but I recall something of a 3/4 shift issue on an AOD
transmission..which can be held responsible for your bucking between gears....

As for the trans...its better left to the pro's....I personally suggest you Avoid the BIG BOYS with the franchise signs on the door...Find a little hole in the wall trans shop, and talk to people in the neighborhood.....A reputable shop is not easy to find, so when you do find someplace you are comfortable with ...stick with it....

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