sway bar links


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sway bar links

07 malibu LT sway bar links need to be replaced. doesnt look that difficult, but should I attempt it with just a shop floor jack and regular tools?? Are any special tools needed? I think I need to jack up one side, remove tire, remove and replace sway bar link, replace tire - same on other side???
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Should be DIYable, you just need to make sure both front wheels are in the same position when you take the links loose. I mean if one wheel has weight on it the other needs to have weight as well, if there is any difference then there will be a load on the sway bar and it will be difficult if not impossible to hook back up.
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There no big deal as stated. Make sure you use jack stands and don't simply rely on the jack for your safety.
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Smile Easy to do

I recently changed mine out on my 05 Equinox. It took me less than an hour for both side to be done. Depending on your car, in my case I needed to use an allen key to hold the outside of the ball joint as I turned the inside nut loose with a long socket. If you don't have an allen key, you can probably try and hold the joints from turning with vise grips. The links are gone anyway. I paid about $60 a pair at Auto Zone for mine. In my case I didn't need to raise the car, and kept both wheels level on the garage floor, as you must keep the bar tension equal on both sides when changing these out, and simply turned each front wheel out at a time to gain easy acccess to both upper and lower attachment points. Save yourself some money and enjoy the hour or less work effort. Make sure you mark which side is which on the new ones if there is a difference. Mine were different.

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