cruise control quit!


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cruise control quit!

Ok, so I am wondering if extremely muddy roads can cause your cruise control to go on the blink. We had to drive down these terribly muddy roads in the Nebraska badlands, and one we got on the highway, my cruise control had quit working. After a trip to the carwash, which we did immediately afterwards (probably didn't get 100% of the mud under the vehicle) the cruise worked intermittently for the next couple days. Now it doesn't work at all, and hasn't since.

Any ideas? Or should I try having someone put it up on a hoist, and powerwash the undercarriage???

Since it worked intermittently for a while, I assume it's not a fuse...

BTW, it's a 2002 Ford F-150, V6 w/5 spd manual.
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Could just be a "Fluke"....

Try hooking your foot under the brake pedal and holding it upwards while trying to engage the cruise.... Brake lamp switches are a common issue....ALSO...grab an assistant and thouroughly double check the exterior lights, Brake and reverse in particular.....Inop brake lamps will cause the C/C not to function.
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Unc hit it since its a manual check the clutch switch also it could be a little out of adj or weak also.
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Since the problem correlates with mud, I'd suspect something with the wheel speed sensors. I'm not familiar with the speed sensor design of your particular model, but sometimes the pickups are external and open to the elements. Maybe something metallic was picked up from the mud and has stayed on the unit. Perhaps powerwashing the hub bearings will help. Add this to your list of things to check out.
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Take the plastic cover off the top of the motor and check that the linage did not come off, same thing happened to my 97 f150 4.6 5 speed and thats what it was, simple fix..

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