Honda Accord brake light lights on


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Honda Accord brake light lights on

The brake light on the dashboard of my 2002 Honda Accord (110k miles) stays on while driving.

Sometimes it goes off and some times it is on while driving.
I don't feel any drag or that the brakes are a problem (Actually have got new brake pads 6 months before

Took it to a auto shop and they said that the master cylinder needs to be replaced, saying it will take around $400.
How do I validate whether this is actually the problem and also the cost.

Thank you so much for helping me out and have a great day.
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On the side of the master cylinder tank are two wires for the level sensor.....

Unplug the connector and see if the lamp goes out.....

It is possible that the level sensor is not replaceable by itself, in which case , the mechanic would be correct, and the master cylinder must be replaced.
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I replaced the master cylinder in my car. The part was $91 at Advance. Labor with help from a neighbor was about 7 hours. My VW specialist said it was a 2-3 hour job. Hope this helps. My brake light wasn't on, but I apparently had an internal fault in which the brake pedal wold go to the floor and have to be pumped back up a few times a year (drive 22k or so per year).
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Seems high..but they may be using Honda parts..rebuilt master cyl would probably be more like $100.

You could always just leave it unplugged if its just the fluid level sensor. Did that with my coolant level sensor..I just check the fluid once in a while.
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Gunguy, how do you stand being in the stone age like that?? To actualy have to raise the hood and check fluid levels with your HANDS!! What a terrible thing to have to do. LOL
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Ugg Ugg..GG find good rock for pounding nails....GG happy!
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I have an '01 Accord that's had the same problem. No fluid leaks - no brake pressure/pedal loss. Replaced the fluid reservoir cap (has a level sensor built in) for about $30. Solved problem. Master cylinder does NOT need to be rebuilt. Honda has issues a TSB about fluid reservoir cap sensors failing. Unless you've lost brake fluid or noticed reduced braking ability or brake pedal fade, you shouldn't need to have the system fluid replaced and/or bled out.

BTW...GG...look for roks w/dull gray semi-shiny colors in them that sound "clinky"...make excellent all-weather firestarters (good also for prototype cigarette lighters)

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