Lincoln Navigator transmission fluid


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Lincoln Navigator transmission fluid

I have an 06 Navigator with 73K miles. The service tech at my local dealer told me the trans fluid is synthetic and doesn't need to be changed until 150K miles. Is that true? That seems an awful long time to go without changing the fluid. He said that the car has a ZF 6HP26 (six-speed) transmission and doesn't require regular service.

I just get skeptical when I hear of synthetic fluids not needing to be serviced for such a long period of time.

Would it be wise to change the trans fluid before 150K? Anyone on here have experience with these transmissions?
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Very possible...some cars have sealed transmissions w/o even a dipstick. Sounds like you found an honest tech. Many dealers would be happy to charge you a couple of hndered for something you don't need.

I'm sure one of the Pro's will be more specific.
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I am personally a big believer in following what the manufacturers says. GM these days recommends 5 years and 150,000 miles, so Ford could be the same probably. Severe service use is a different story and likely around every 50,000 miles. Where I live all the fast lube and corporate service places consider every vehicle to be driven in severe service situations regardless, as this is a good revenue generator for them since they lost the tuneup business, and it seems that the oil companies encourage it also in their guidelines, same as they still seem to talk about 3000 mile oil changes for everyone regardless of some of the new advanced oil life monitor systems, engine technology, and oil improvements. While the definitions are a little vague around what is severe, if you live in a place that stays very hot most of the year, and drive in alot of stop and go it would make sense to change it at least every 50,000. Same thing if you are pulling a heavy trailer or boat alot. If you live in a northern state, and are not running a taxi service I would guess that Ford would suggest every 150,000 miles also. For what it's worth that's what I follow based on some decent research.
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Filled-for-life is more of a goal that manufacturers are trying to achieve than actual truth. How long do you plan on keeping your car? If you're someone who buys new, and keeps it to 50K-100K, then don't bother. If you plan on keeping it past 100K, then you should have the fluid exchanged now. Six speed transmissions do a lot more shifting than four or five speed transmissions. Every shift is a wear event for the transmission.

DIYer generally subscribe to a fluid change every 50-80K for these extended-life fluids.

One manufacturer backed off from their "filled for life" recommendation, and now requires a fluid change at 40K, then every 100K afterward.

For long transmission life, the first change is most important because it gets rid of most of the break-in debris.

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