86 Corolla LE A/C belt broke


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86 Corolla LE A/C belt broke

My A/C belt broke yesterday. The A/C stopped working while driving. I didn't notice it until I parked, which was 35 miles later. It didn't come off completely. Saw it dragging on the ground and had to cut it off.

Does anyone know what is involved in replacing the A/C belt. All of the belts were replaced when the timing belt was replace. It was done at a shop some time ago. Would like to try it myself.

Appreciate any help. Thanks
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Why did belt break? check for frozen pulleys or compressor.
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Used to have an '86 Corolla, but can't remember if there is a separate tensioner or if tension is taken up by movement of the compressor itself. At any rate it will be a fairly easy job once you determine if there's a problem like pugsl is suggesting.
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Don't know why the belt broke. Used engine cleaner to clean the timing advance/retard marks by the crank the day before. Thought I had rinsed everything off. Could that ruin a belt?

The pulley spins smoothly. Checked the pulley of the AC compressor with the key in ignition position, fan on, and AC on. It spun the same with ignition on or off. Does that mean the AC compressor is ok?

Looks like I need to remove the power steering belt and the alternator belt to install the AC belt. It's the inner most of 3 belts. Might have to remove the advance/retard indicator too.
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Unfortunately, The compressor isnt "LOADED" until the clutch engages...which requires the engine to be running....

If memory serves....Under the car next to the compressor is the tensioner pulley...loosen the center nut, and turn the tensioner screw to loosen the tensioner...

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