rear drums on equinox


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rear drums on equinox

What would cause the rear drums to go out of round, while the front rotors are still true and the pads are only half worn? I adjusted my rears as they needed it because they never did self adjust properly in reverse, and this is when the problem started. I never use the parking brake, so there should have never been any issues caused from a sticking cable dragging the shoes. Car shimmys under high speed braking, but no feel on the pedal when it does. Is it better to get the drums machined, or just go and replace them for $100 a pair from places like Auto Zone? Machining will be a little cheaper, but I am wondering if these drums are now made of some kind of composite material that will cause me more problems later, and just getting new would be a better option. If I go for the new drums, do I need to spend a few dollars more and do the rear linings at the same time? If the front pads are only half worn, the rear linings I guess should also be pretty much OK. Only 65,000 on them. Any suggestions?
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What led you to adjust the brakes manually - why did you think the auto adjusters weren't working?

How did you do the adjustments manually?

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