2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo


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2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo

Hello Everyone,
I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I have noticed that the speedometer does not indicate my speed correctly. Also my odometer reads more miles than I actually drive. I appreciate any help with these issues. Thank You.
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have the tires been replaced? are they the same size as the originals? Has the rear axle been changed? If neither of these are true then the vehicle speed sensor is more than likely on its way out.
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I had a 2000 Grand Cherokee and I changed tire sizes. I took it to the dealer and they calibrated for my new tire size thru the computer. Did you look on your door jamb tag and see if it tells you what size tires and what PSI? I can't recall if my GC had one but maybe somewhere down the line the size was changed. Bigger tires reduce your speedometer reading and vice versa. I'll bet someone downsized your tires at one time.
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be aware it only takes going from say 235 to 225 in size to change the speed reading 2-3 mph. also running 10psi low on a low profile tire will do the same thing. Most newer vehicles can be reprogramed for tire sizes in the computer with the proper code machine.
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