Renewing lead acid batteries


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Renewing lead acid batteries

Does anyone have a trick for renewing car and truck batteries - the kind you can add water and acid to? This is not talking about replacing them.
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I don't think there is any proven method to "rejuvenate" aging lead acid batteries. Some of the stuff you see in automotive catalogs like J.C. Whitney where you squirt some miracle additive into each battery cell are purely snake oil. The only benefit will be to the wallet of the vendor.
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The lead plates over time deteriorate is my understanding. Short of cutting the battery open and putting in new plates there is nothing you can do and of course you can't actually do that.
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Sulphur buildup on the lead plate surfaces is the biggest cause of the battery's deterioration in performance. You can use a battery charger or maintainer with a desulphator feature, or a "Lead Acid Battery Desulfator" which works by sending very fast voltage pulses to breakup the sulphate crystals which dissolve back into the electrolyte (diluted H2SO4 or sulphuric acid). The latter device has been used successfully to reclaim or rejuvenate old/tire batteries. Do a search on the quoted text.

I use a variation of the device, a "Pulse Width Modulator", with my HHO cells to more efficiently generate Brown's gas (not for desulphating but to generate more hydrogen and oxygen bubbles from the charged plates).

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