99 Dodge Caravan Trans Fluid/filter change


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99 Dodge Caravan Trans Fluid/filter change

I plan to change Trans filter & fluid on my 99 dodge Caravan for the first time since I've had it. (110,000 miles & fingers crossed)
#1. Will I get the best trans pan seal if I use a manufactured gasket, or if I just use silicone?
If silicone which color is best?

#2. I have read about getting a more complete fluid change by disconecting a trans line that goes to the trans cooler & running the motor while keeping trans fluid topped up, but I've never done that before.
So I am unsure which hose to disconect: the upper or lower one on the cooler?
How fast will the fluid come out? Drip, run, or high pressure?
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Honestly, I would not even do a tranny flush this late in the game. Does your current fluid smell burnt?

Anyways, I've done your option #2 on my vehicles. Pretty easy actually. I disconnect the line from the tranny side. If the fluid spurts out of the tranny side, switch hoses. But first, I drained the tranny fluid from the pan (about 4 qrts). I then replaced that 4 qrts with fresh fluid.

After the top off of 4 qrts, I then disconnect the cooler hose, had the wife start the car while I held the hose into a 4 qrt jug. I told her to shut off the car when I filled 1 qrt. It doesn't take long, and it won't spray out everywhere. I replenished that 1 qrt with fresh. I did this about 5-6 times. You know you replaced all your tranny fluid, including the torque converter, when the fluid draining into the jug is clean. I went through a total of about 10-12 qrts for my Maxima.
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Ok, job sucessfully done. No leaks so far.
One other thing I wanted to take care of was ATF leaks at the hose clamps of the trans cooler in the radiator as well as the additional one that is added inline & mounts in front of the radiator. (does that extra 6 square inchs make any difference? guess so)
First I replaced the 3 hoses with new.
I noted one hose where it went into the trans was wet & one dry & reasoned the wet one was pressure & the dry was return.
I made a note of the dry one & would remove that one to flush later.
I warmed the car up, then removed the pan & let it drain a couple hours. Scraped off the gasket & did other stuff. It never did stop dripping, & I was concerned it might leak if the new silicone (used red) didn't have clean metal to stick to. I had to do a last clean swipe with a rag at the lower end then quick slap the pan in place, hand tighten, then torque the bolts.
I let the silicone cure overnight.
Next day added 4 qts. disconected the return line from the trans & it was long enough to hang down & point into the drain pan. No helper, so I started the car then hurried to see the results. The fluid ran out at about a faucet's pace, not crazy fast, but maybe a quart in 30 seconds.
Ran back shut off the motor. Added 4 more quarts. This time I ran it in all the gears (to flush the converter I was told).
The fluid started to look clean red (it was dirty but didn't seem burnt).
Stopped again. Poured out the drain pan into gallon jugs & calculated how much I might need to top up to operating leval. Reattached hose to trans. Topped up.
Drove to car wash & hosed off the mess (old & new) so I can see if any leaks start.
Car runs fine. (of course it ran fine before)
This is just one of those jobs I wanted to do for years, but put off.
Kinda like that kitchen remodel...........

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