what is on a honda accessory circuit?


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what is on a honda accessory circuit?

I have a 1995 honda civic and the ignition has a problem going past the "I" position to shut off completely. I have started to leave the key in the ignition at "I" (I really don't care if it is stolen).

But the last time I went to drive it, the battery was dead, even though all the electrical items had been turned off. I have a fairly new die-hard and with a jump it started right up, working fine.

But I don't want it to happen again. Can anyone tell me what the "accessory circuit" feeds?

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You are keeping everything energized if this is the same as the "run" position...but how do you turn it off? When I say everything..I mean the coils and everything under the hood...maybe the fuel pump also if its electric.

If its the same as the ACC position....shouldn't really be more than the radio and any aftermarket stuff.

Also...since you don't care...could you give me your address and the color of the car...maybe leave the signed title on the front seat? Not for me...but there's a guy on here needs a new/old car...lol
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I don't think even your friend would be interested -- pretty banged up, but till this problem, it was reliable.

No -- not the same position that the car is in when the engine is running. This is one click from inserting the key. The second click is the run position, the third is the starter.

The doors, glove compartment were all closed and the radio off. No aftermarket additions.

Any other ideas?

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