adjust windshield wiper travel arc?


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adjust windshield wiper travel arc?

Have a 1989 Taurus GL sedan. The driver side wiper is traveling too far to the left(outside) and striking the glass molding with a loud click. The down travel at the other end of the arc is about right. Is there a way to adjust the travel arc? Before anyone asks the obvious, yes, it is the correct blade.
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Pop the cowl off and look at the linkage....There MAY be two screws and slotted holes, to shorten or lengthen the linkage....

I do say MAY, because I know definitely (I just looked) that my 1990 taurus does not have them.....Shortening can be accomplished by bending the linkage slightly, but lenghtening cant be done without creative ingenuity.....

You will have to readjust the position of the arms when youre done...Unless they are "KEYED". If they are keyed....Then ignore this post as it wont help you....
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Thanks Unclediezel, I will give it a try.
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how low does it go, you may be able to remove the arm and reset its position while at rest and it will affect the amount it travels to the left but it will sit lower on the windshield in the park position, is there any slop if you rock the wiper arm when its off? if so you may need to replace the wiper transmision

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