1993 Ford Ranger Problem


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1993 Ford Ranger Problem

My standard truck runs rough sometimes and sometimes stalls out and is sometime hard to restart. It's like it is not getting any fuel. I have already changed the fuel filter. I just checked the fuel pressure. When it is running it shows about 31-32 PSI. I noticed when I just turn the key on, without starting the engine, I hear the fuel pump turn on for a few seconds, then it stops. I went to check the fuel pressure guage and it showed 10PSI. But when the truck starts it goes to 31-32PSI. When I step on the accelarator then release it, it goes to 40PSI then drops back to 31-32. Any suggestions? By the way, the check engine light does not come on. Thanks!
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sounds like the regulator is "Dumping", or draining back.....

Hook up the pressure gauge, and face it toward the wwindshield, so it is visible when you turn the key on....If it climbs, and then sinks as soon as the pump turns off, its a pretty good assumption that the regulator is allowing the fuel to flow back to the tank instead of pressurizing the rail.
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I agree with Uncle D, sounds like a regulator problem to me.
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Yep, that would be the regulator.
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Well, things have changed now. Yesterday was the first day I used the fuel pressure guage. Yesterday, sometimes the pressure would go up to 10 PSI when I first turned on the key, not running, but the truck would start every time. Right now it's very different. I did what you asked me to do. When I turn the key on this time, the pressure shoots right up to 40PSI. The fuel pump is not shutting off this time. It just keeps running and when I try to start the engine, it doesn't start. The engine just keeps turning. It almost sounds like it is not getting any fuel. I think the computer is not telling it to fire the injectors, because the fuel pump does not stop running. That is just an idea I have. Other ideas? Thanks!
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You have an OBD 1 computer in the truck. Does Auto Zone still pull codes for free?? If so, let them do this and take the guess work out of it.
The truck has an electric fuel pump and likely the regulator is there as well in the fuel tank on the assembly.

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