honda civic interior fan weak output


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honda civic interior fan weak output

We bought a 2001 Honda civic. It's in decent shape however the interior fan output is very weak even on the highest setting. On the low setting output is barely noticable. what's more likely to be the culprit - a relay, fuse, or the fan itself? if it's the fan is it reasonably easy to get at and replace? It's been many years since I've replaced one. Thanks.
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Check to see if it has the same low output on fresh air AND recirc air.

If it's the same low output on both then you could have a clogged cabin filter if that car has one.

If it blows just fine on fresh air but not on recirc then there's probably something caught in the intake up under the dash.

If all intakes and the cabin filter if equipped are fine and it still has low output check the voltage at the fan motor.

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