How to Change the In Air Cabin Filter


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How to Change the In Air Cabin Filter

Could someone please give me some sort of direction on how to change the air cabin filter in a 2008 Nissan Altima? The dealers gave me a price of 79.00 which I knew was a rip off. I got a price for the part from Advanced Auto for about $12.00 but just need to find out how to replace it. Is it under the glove box?

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Behind the glove box.....

Open the Glove box door...On the left and right , you will find "Release tabs" ..Fold the glovebox door down off of the tabs.....

On the heater case, will be an Access door....Remove the door, and slide the old filter toward you, Taking note of the position of the element as it comes out......Replace it with the new one, put the access door back , and fold your glove box back into its position....

Just in defense of my fellow professional Technicians out there.....

79$ is not a rip off, if they know how and you do not.......
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Being technically capable of a task as well as properly equipped doesn't seem to have much value in some places.
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i do agree with you about the dealer being way too high as they usually are. no offence diezel, but 79 bucks is alittle too much for a cabin air filter. my shop charges i thing 30 for parts and labor for a regular filter and i belive its 45-50 for the cabin air. I do work at a tire kingdom though and not a dealership. for those of you not from the southeastern part of the us were sisters with big-o, ntb, and merchant's tire. In that same respect diezel is right about paying more for someone else to do something that you dont know how to dso yourself, just something to keep in mind. Labor is time and peoples time is expensive
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When I worked with Mercedes Benz there were cabin air filters that were in the hundreds for the elements alone, they were activated charcoal that was switched on electrically. Probably not found in to many cars, and the store charged maybe 130 per hour labor so 80 bucks doesn't get too far.

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