I think she's going to blow!


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I think she's going to blow!

If the engine knocks only when cold on start up. I would guess that it is piston slap. Also check oil pressure could have hydraulic lifters bleeding down and causing valves to clatter.
The noise will be very loud and tinny ritght under the valve covers and Piston slap is lower pitched and deep withen the block.

Ususally a bad bearing will knock when the oil is hot. If it doesn't knock when it is hot and oil viscosity is at it's thinist point. It is probably not bearings.

Oil pump would also cause a knock when warmed up at idle and under load. ie foot on brake in drive sitting at a stop sign when hot. oil pressure gauge would drop.

What I was told (as a service advisor) was if the noise goes away in 30 secs it is ok when referring to piston slap.
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Can we help answer a question?
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I think he was trying to help me diagnose my hemi oil troubles, but has no clue as to what the problem is, so he just listed a bunch of possibilities.

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