"special tool"


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"special tool"

I'm getting ready to replace the crankshaft position sensor in a 1993 Jeep. In the service manual one step in the process requires removing the oil pressure sending unit from the engine. The manual says to prevent damage to the oil pressure sending unit a special tool "such as number C-4597" must be used. Is there an alternative method that should work just as well, as this tool is not available for me unless I track it down and special order it, etc and it's probably expensive and all that. thanks
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Not sure why a regular oil sending unit socket wouldn't work. Available at most parts houses. I would replace the sending unit with a new one, anyway, so removing it with a pair of pliers won't matter. But the socket is the best way, since you have to put a new one in.
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There is only one thing "Special" about the special tool......

It is deeper than the ordinary O/P socket.....
Be careful as there are two different sizes available..
Chrysler/Dodge/ Jeep / Mopar parts have been Using the larger of the 2 for years, ...1 -1/16....A plain old chrome "Deep" socket will work.( Somehow Im Thinking "27 mm"????)


If the neck breaks off...you will be in QUITE a Situation!!!! It is a Tapered thread (NPT) and drilling and extracting in close quarters isnt fun.......(Does that Sound like Personal experience talking??)
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Smile Breakage

Uncle, you must have used the incorrect sized pliers
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I think the 27mm is the correct size.
Be sure to use a 6 point socket and not a 12 point.
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Okay thanks you guys for the help here.

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