Should I paint it and keep it or should I sell it and buy new?


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Should I paint it and keep it or should I sell it and buy new?

I have a 1997 Honda Accord SE, ~89K mileage, excellent mechanical condition, 2 yr. old Toyo tires. My only issue is that the Paint is showing significant wear on the roof, hood and trunk. I really like this car and have been very pleased with the reasonable amount of maintenance that it has required in the past 12 years. So here's the question should I spend the approx. $2.5K to repair small dings and paint it, or should I sell it and buy new? Kelly Blue Book Value is between $3,500 - 4,200 in resale.
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Sounds like this vehicle is exposed to the elements all the time - ie: parked outside, which has caused the exposed paint to fade/oxidize. You didnt mention any rust or major body damage, so I assume none exists. Since you are only driving this car 7500 miles per year, it probably realistically has another 12 to 15 years of service, assuming you continue to have it serviced regularly.

So the question is - To Paint or Not To Paint

IF you are planning to sell it, I doubt that you'd get your money back if you paint it. So I'd sell it as is - it would be a great first car for a high school student, who might have a buddy who would paint it for a lot less.

IF you plan to keep it - which is my suggestion - paint it so you have a nice looking car to cruise around in and be proud of. I dont know if paint technology has improved that much since 1997, but I'd research it and discuss your concern with future fading/oxidizing with your mechanic or a paint specialist to get the best input before deciding what is the best paint fir it. Also IF the car IS exposed to the elements and you do get it painted, I'd suggest a car cover to protect your investment. They have elastic around the edge to make them easy to slip on and off.
Good Luck
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Personally, I wouldn't do a thing. You have what I would probably call a beater. Runs great, very reliable...but doesn't look real nice....who cares? What happens if you spend $2000 and then get in a fender bender? Or even a hail storm?

Unless you could get it done for the cost of materials (couple of hundred bucks) and some'd leave it.

You may want to check into some of the trade schools if you have any, sometimes they will do things like this as a class project or for extra credit.
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Paint's just pretty. Functionality is the juice. Keep it until you squeeze it all out.
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I tend to keep a vehicle longer than my wife thinks I should but..... it's nice not to have to make a car payment. I joke that I make my payments to autozone and if money's tight, I can let it set for awhile - it won't get repo'd

It wouldn't pay to put a 1st class paint job on your car but a cheaper paint job can make it look decent. Some of the cheaper automotive paints will fade quicker than the better [more expensive] paints will.
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Keep it and paint it. No reason to go into debt on a new car just because of a paint job.
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It's amazing, every comment each of you have made are things I've considered - especially the - if I spend the $$ to have it painted the odds of someone backing into me at the supermarket are just that much higher than they are now - of course that could also happen if I were to drop the bucks to buy a new car. But I did also consider just leaving it as is and because it is in such good condition other than the paint, I think if I can get a decent job for under $1.5K, I think I'll go ahead and do it. Thanks everyone for your input.
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Perhaps a question to consider is what will it cost to replace, 20 grand or something like that? If you like the car as in you dont cringe when you see it then you could still drive it for time to come. If your unhappy with the appearance then fix it. If it had a flat you would fix it so spend a little and enjoy the ride. If you want it to last paint it with Emron, its a epoxy type paint developed for aircraft years ago. It ain't cheap but it is unbelievably tough.
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Vehicles are money pits.
I wouldn't paint it, or I'd do it my self.
Spending $2000 on it to me isn't good value.

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