2000 S10 Problem

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2000 S10 Problem

Hello all,

For some time now I have been having a problem with my 2000 Chevy S10 ZR2 with a 4.3. For the first 30 seconds or so on driving it has a hesitation and very little power. After about 20 to 30 seconds of driving the problem goes away and everything runs fine. I do not get any codes or alarms. If I stop the engine and start it back up within a hour everything is fine, but if I wait longer, say overnight, the problem is still there, hot or cold outside, its there.

So I bought a scanner with real time data and noticed that the engine timing during the hesitation was very low. It is about 4.5 to 6 when you first start the engine and idle. Once you start to accelerate the timing slowly rises and when it reaches 25 to 30 the problem seems to go away. And every accerleration after that it stays above 30 or so.

So here is my question. I know the computer controls the timing, but is there still some type of mechancal or vacuum advance? Could there be something sticking preventing the timing from advancing until it "unsticks"? I plan on tearing into this tomorrow and any info would be helpful.

Thanks in advance, mrt19
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The engine ECU controls most everything and it responds to engine conditions that it sees. I would check the fuel pressure and volume, the volume being of utmost importance. I recently replaced the fuel pump in my wife's Gimmy for similar reasons.
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2000 S10... I would assume has a 4.3 VORTEC......

Sounds like a Classic case of the "CRABS".....

Is it also hard starting first thing in the morning......

The fuel pressure regulators on these designs have a nasty habit of "Leaking Down" , and by design, that extra fuel is "Dumped " directly into the Intake Tract.....In theory, the lack of power you feel, is a "FLOODED" engine.....which will clear up as soon as the Puddles in the intake are burned off.......

The vortec is known as CENTRAL fuel injection...there is a Main injector that feeds 6 Individual "SUB TUBES"....Which visually resembles A CRAB or a SPYDER.... May or may not produce a Troublecode....

While this is a DIY task to replace the regulator....If you havent done one before..I would definitely not recommend your Daily driver as the test subject to learn on......

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