Old part with defect installed without giving me chance to find replacement


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Old part with defect installed without giving me chance to find replacement

In June 2008, I had a remanufactured engine installed on my 92' Ford Ranger 2.9 V6. The mechanic didn't tell me till much later that he reused the original lower intake manifold. He found a thumbnail sized section of it that was pitted and corroded. He machined it and repaired with JB Weld. Not only that, months later he reinstalled it free of charge because it must not have sealed properly.

He was correct in saying they no longer make a replacement part for my make/model. And he didn't think I would want to wait while a search was made for a junkyard replacement part. It bothers me that that the old part was installed twice without giving me the chance to find another part at an auto yard.

Now I have to take it in for manufacturer warrranty service because the valves were not adjusted properly. The mechanic says that replacing the lower intake manifold (along with valve adjustment) would incur additional expense not covered by warranty. It is lower into the engine than the valves. I found an auto-yard replacement part, and I am told it is free of any defects.

iWill this old part likely cause me problems in the future? the mechanic says he is not worried about it, and that he would not have reused the old part if it was in bad condition.
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After being a mechanic for 40 years I can say that there is always another guy that will talk crap about the last guy. Not sure why, perhaps a human thing. I can say that I have personally seen a lot of things done that I wouldn't have done but who knows what anothers thought process took him through. I have used JB weld on a lot of things in the past, it takes no skill and even less equipment. For example my tig welder cost thousands of dollars and it took years to learn the skills needed. The bottom line is if the glue had worked he'd have been a hero at no cost to you but it failed and his process is in question. No good deed goes un-punished. If it is plastic then he had few alternatives, if is aluminum he could have had it welded at a cost to you in both dollars and time. How did he treat you otherwise and were his charges fair at the time, that's the question to me.
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I believe the part is aluminum. He has a perfect record with BBB. No consumer complaints. He is professional and always takes the time to explain things. When he makes mistakes he always fixes free of charge. The engine replacement including labor, towing, engine kit, and new radiator was $5100.00. But it was also a Jasper engine which are expensive.

But the part might be failing again, as I am seeing stains or leakage

But I already mentioned to him the fact that he didn't tell me it was pitted till was already installed. I think I am going to ask him to waive or reduce the labor charge

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