Headlights cloudy - possible to clean somehow?


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Headlights cloudy - possible to clean somehow?

there are plastic? covers on my 2002 Ford Crown Victoria headlights. they have built up a distinct cloudiness on both lenses that will not come clean with simple washing. Just bought the car so not sure of the circumstances of how this happened

any possible ways to clean as it certainly hinders headlight beam flow

thanks in advance, Bill
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Plenty of kits at any auto parts store..of course thats if they are messed up on the outside. If its due to deposits on the inside..not many options.
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I actually posted a source and the prices on a post 13 items below, maybe 14 or so
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MaGuires PlastX if it's not moisture.
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Originally Posted by HotinOKC View Post
MeGuires PlastX if it's not moisture.
I used it and it worked great.
Also, used 800 grit wet paper with the paste in a circular motion by hand. Worked like a charm.

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