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Auto Paint

I'm the sort of the same boat as the guy a few threads down.

My 2002 Chrysler Sebring is paid off and runs fine (well, for a Chrysler it runs fine.) Since I work from home most of the time, the car sits in the driveway in the sun. The paint has started to oxidize along the side of the car facing the sun.

Much as I would love a new vehicle, with the instability of the job market right now and the economy in the dumper, I'm just not willing to take on a car payment again. So, I need to paint the Sebring so it at least looks decent when I have to pull up at a client's office. I'm going to get a car cover as well to avoid this in the future. Right now, I expect to drive the vehicle for at least another 2 - 3 years. It is in good shape except for the paint and has approx 75k miles on it. I drive maybe 8k a year.

I'd like some tips and pointers for shopping for painters. I've been told to steer clear of places like Earl Scheib and their $500 specials.

What questions do I ask?
What to be on the lookout for?

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In the paint business you get what you pay for, you probably need to determine what is in your budget and then shop your area with that figure. I had my first car painted for 29.95 and the paint did come in sheets on the Fwy. If you stay with the original color and scheme it will cost a lot less. Look for any warrantys that will protect your investment for a period of time and of course good luck
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Can't you rub out the existing paint layer? That would be best and cheapest for the car. Or is it damaged down to the primer?
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It's probably the clear coat that is deteriating.

Not all auto paint shops are equal. I've seen some decent cheap paint jobs and some sorry expensive paint jobs. It would be best to find some people that have had there cars painted locally and get their imput.

I think it was earl schreib back in the 60's that had a $19.95 paint job. It was only select colors and limitted prep - basically they just wiped it down, taped and shot the paint. I had a neighbor with an old chevy, I thought he was crazy when he started to wash his car every week with SOS pads but a few months later he had it painted - best looking $20 paint job I've ever seen

I'm a house painter with spray experience and paint cars occasionally. You can take a decent shape car and make it nice either on the cheap or really nice. You can spend $200 or more just for the paint and you still need thinner, hardner along with other additives that help to give a nice job. On the cheap you can buy a gallon of equipment enamel [$30] hardner [$15] and give a nice looking paint job although most colors will start to fade in a year or 2. Diy is an option that can be less than $75 or more than $200 providing you have the equipment, skill and decent place to spray. More than minor prep will add to the work and final cost.

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