'96 Ford Contour...water temp.


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'96 Ford Contour...water temp.

For some months, the dashboard temp guage has not worked at all. It used to read low/intermittent, but lately never comes off the low peg.

So I took it in, had them replace the sender. They said that a sensor which controls the fan was also not working right, so replaced it.

Now for some reason, the dash guage reads up close to the high end of the "normal" band. The shop said they checked the temps, and it is normal, just the guage reads high.

Is this something to worry about? Maybe the dash guage is just old? Maybe the sender is not matched to the guage?
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I had a 95 GL Contour.
It did the same thing, always read a 3/4. The car has a high thermostat from factory. I installed a 182F unit from a 95 SHO Taurus. Same unit/body but a lower temp. Worked like a charm.

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