Classic Vette Low Milage maintenance & service


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Classic Vette Low Milage maintenance & service

Just bought a 1994 Vette, 27,050 miles, taking it to a CHevy dealer this Wed for PA State inspection. Getting the oil changed. Should I get the transmission & radiator flush/refill due to the age, even if the milage is low? Any other recommendations? Thank you.
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I would go through it closely.
It never hurts. Changing the ATX fluid is a good thing.
Do the filter too and clean the pan real well. Place a few magnets on the inside of the pan to keep catching any filings (if any).
Check the hoses. Look inside the rad with the cap off. Is it scaled up inside or clean??
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Low mileage vette

Also have the fuel system flused including injectors.

Check tires for dry rotting.

Check complete exhaust sys. for rust or leaks.
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One good rule of thumb is to change all fluids and filters when you buy a used car. That way there's no guessing to how old the maintenance items are on the vehicle, and gives you a reference point for future maintenance.

With those few miles, you're going to need to change the fluids to get rid of break-in debris. That includes the transmission fluid and differential fluid. If you were a DIYer, I'd even recommend flushing the PS fluid. Cooling system should be flushed.

Other things to consider:
- brake fluid exchange (should be done every 2 years)
- change fuel filter
- check air filter
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I had a '94 (Black Rose) coupe.

Make sure the radiator is clean and flushed. The price of a water pump is out of sight just as everything is if you want to keep it original. Just sitting can cause un-natural aging.

I lived in northern lower Michigan and stored it from early November oil until April. I only used Mobil 1 synthetic and changed it just before storing and just after bringing it out.

Great car for economy (forgetting about the price). I commuted often between northern Michigan and Minneapolis/St. Paul and got great gas mileage (25-28) for the trip and got to enjoy the different routes. Forget about gas when you go over 70 around corners.

For a classic, the proper tires can be expensive, but at least the front and rear are the same size.

A little more driving and miles will not hurt the car if it is reasonable. A good bra and a cover are nice to have to protect it.


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