Mitsubishi Eclipse RS coolant leak - picture inside


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Mitsubishi Eclipse RS coolant leak - picture inside

My wife's 1998 lost coolant and got "steamed". The problem seem to be a rubber hose marked with yellow circle in the picture It has a rupture in it, you can see it if you look carefully.

I am just wondering could this leak caused by a stuck a thermostat or is this "normal" for this old car having about 130k miles? All in all, should I just buy a replacement hose and see what happens? Yes, the money is tight
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I'd just replace it and see what happens..that line has lived a pretty rough life if its original..right above the exhaust and all.

No Mitsu guy..but it almost looks like the thermostat is right below that rad cap? odd.....
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Originally Posted by pics20 View Post
I am just wondering could this leak caused by a stuck a thermostat.......? Yes, the money is tight
If the thermostat got(gets) stuck, the engine gets hotter than it should, and this can affect hoses for sure.

My thermostat has been getting periodically stuck, or air bubble causing it to not open on time, and my upper radiator hose aneurismed and exploded right next to the stat.
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Gee ....That kinda looks like a Chrysler Motor.....


All jokes aside.....The problem you are having is more than typical of age , mileage, and the fact that the powers that be at the engineering department put the hose ON TOP OF THE EXHAUST MANIFOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Replace the hose...( Bulk piece of 5/8 heater hose should work just fine..Its nothing special)..And unless youve been experiencing other Cooling system issues....You should be able to call it a day.
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Thanks gents for your replies. Yeah, looks like some poor design It is unbelievable how many problems this car has had...

OK, I'll replace the hose and hopefully it is all we need. I'll let you know. Tks again.

PS: The radiator hose was replaced a few years ago due to a leak too, the thermostat is still original. And yes, the thermostat is in the housing under that radiator style cap.

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