5V Fluid Temperature Sensors


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5V Fluid Temperature Sensors

I am looking for 1/8" NPT 5V fluid temperature sensors, the ones that output from .5V to 4.5V for the temperature range; not the resistance type sensors.

I have been looking for about a week now with so many searches on Google using combinations of those words and others and have come up empty handed.

Any help would be appreciated, maybe I'm using the wrong name for this, if so, the correct name would be useful. I have tried thermocoupler and that seems to only come up with resistance type as well. Thanks.
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I may be missing the mark, and others will surely let me know, but the only way a sensor can vary its voltage is via resistance, so I'm not too sure what you are looking for. All sensors for fluid temperature, as far as I know, act like thermocouples, which are actually Bordon tubes and the fluctuation of temperature changes the gas inside the tube, which, in turn, varies the voltage to the gauge.
What type application are you looking to put this thing in? That may help.
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Most of the temperature sensors out there for automotive applications are resistance only, they have 1 wire (the metal you screw the sensor in is ground reference) but there are some sensors that have 3 wires, ground, 5V in, and signal which ranges from .5V to 4.5V. Some might use the body of the sensor as ground. I think the kind I'm looking for are digital versus the analog you are refering to.

I am attempting to read oil temperature from my engine with this. The gauge I have takes a 0-5V input not resistance like most gauges.

I can get sensors from them but I would prefer to get them from another source as the company is pretty slow and expensive. The company says the sensors they sell are OEM type but can't find anything OEM that looks like theirs.

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