2003 grand caravan-dodge won't turnover


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2003 grand caravan-dodge won't turnover

My wife while backing up put the van in drive without coming to a complete stop. The vehicle stalled and now it won't restart. It does not turn over. When keyed to start all you hear is the relay clicking. I checked all fuses, they are good. I swopped the relays which there are several of the same but no change. I checked the ground wire and it appears fine. I jumped the starter and it will turn over which tells me the ground wire is not the issue. Somewhere between the power module and the starter is where the problem lies. Could this problem be with the control module? If you have any advice on my next step I would appreciate. Frank
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I know this is pretty off the wall, but check for a fuel pump reset switch. It's designed to cut off the electric pump in an accident..but possibly it tripped if she really slammed it in gear.. When you turn the key to ignition..can you hear the pump hum then stop?

Told you it was pretty out there...lol

Helped a friend with a repair to a Vega(?) way back when. Put it on ramps..did the repair..rolled it back off..no start...HUH? Something to do with either a low oil reset or the fuel as I mentioned above. It's been 35 yrs so don't remember exactly.
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Gunguy45 - thanks for your help. I do appreciate it. I can't hear the fuel pump because nothing is coming on at all. I get juice to the enterior but as far as I can tell thats it. It would seem that the problem is between the ignition switch and the starter relay. But I do not know how to procede, what to check and how to check it. If you can think of anything else let me know. Frank
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I had a Neon that started doing the same thing. I found that the vehicle had about 3 or 4 accessory relays that were all the same kind. I swapped them around and the problem moved to something else. In my case I moved the problem to something non vital and drove to the dealership and purchased a a new relay.
I realized its a different vehicle but manufacturer use lots of the same electrical ideas on various models sometimes.
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My guess is that when it was put in to forward gear when in reverse that the engine twisted in its mounts more then usual and and moved the large high amperage wire.
If you have a voltmeter and can get at the starter can you do a volt drop test on the starter circuit
Put vehicle up secure and safe
Put voltmeter positive on battery positive
Put voltmeter negative on starter metal housing.
Have assistant try to start vehicle.
Voltmeter should not read over a volt (or 2)

In you dont have a volt meter I would take apart and clean all large high amp conections which include the positive and negative and watch the ends for damage from a pull.
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try this

Did you try starting it in neutral? you might have tweeked the neutral safty switch when it got slamed in to park.
the indicator might read park but the safty switch could be off.
if that works then your problem could be as simple as an adjustment, i believe the switch on this one is on the trans.at the end of the linkage. if its the plunger desight then it will need to be replaced
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I have a '92 Voyg. Check the fuel safety swich (under glove box), three times the starter relay (2nd one from front in group on right) and 2 times fan relay. Jumper wire from battery to starter solinoid for spark checking sol. Short at tranny neutral switch for that, then try. ABS light comes on with low brake fluid (pump 40-50 times before checking level). The one relay doesn't match any others, had to research city library for cross checking voltages at relays. And once it stalled at a light, wouldn't run well - the air supply throttle plate sticks on gunk inside. Spray carb. cleaner in port closest to throttle plate by removing a sensor on left bottom side.
Be safe, Gary

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