2002 toyota camary cylinder missfire


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2002 toyota camary cylinder missfire

I have a 2002 toyota camary, 4 cyl. The CEL came on with a code for a missfire in the fourth cyl. I have reason to believe that the ignition coil is the problem. So I swapped the first and fourth ignition coils and a cleared the code. When the CEL returned there were codes for the first and second cyl missfires. I am not sure if I should replace the problematic coil or why there is a missfire in the second cyl.
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Please help

I realize that I didn't ask a question in my earlier post. Does anyone have any advice on the subject? Right now the only options that I see are, replacing the coil, (Money is tight and I hate to waste it on a part I may not need.) or take the car to a shop (I have yet to find a mechanic that I trust). Do you guys think I am on the right track? I have very limited auto repair experience and could use some trouble shooting advice. Thanks for the time.
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what condition are the spark plugs in?

is this EFI or throttle body?

fuel filter?

when you remove the plug from the #4 misfire
are there heavy deposits or alot of raw fuel on it?

how about the spark plug wires as well, old, cracked,
worn from rubbing on the valve cover?
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It would be Multi-Port EFI. Replace that ignition coil. You swapped coils and the misfire followed. It would be a good idea to replace the plugs at the same time. Easy and fairly inexpensive. Junkyard is a good option for the coil if money is tight. I have not had any issues with cheaper aftermarket coils on these cars.

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