A/C Blows Warm in City Driving


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A/C Blows Warm in City Driving

2000 Taurus LX Vulcan flex fuel 3.0 131,000 Auto trans

A/C works great on highway, but actually blows warm in stop and go traffic. Engine temperature, according to dashboard gauge is normal and does not rise when A/C is blowing warm. Compressor appears to be engaging, I hear it click on. Also, typically blows cold when first started...15 or twenty minutes later problem starts.

Any ideas?
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I would have the refrigerant level checked for starters. Lots of places will do a check for free (at least down here).
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it is low on juice.

my truck would do the same thing. it would actually frost up the a/c system and stop working. if i ran the heat it would thaw out and start working again.

i know i`m going to get heck for this, but i`ve been using the recharge cans from the auto store for 8 years now.
i charge it every spring (as it leaks out in the winter from not running the a/c) and it has a little gauge on the hose to tell you when it`s full, and instructions on how to use it. it works great here and i`m in florida where it`s still 90 during the day.
they cost me between 14 and 25 dollars depending how much i need at the time.
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I had a car that did the exact same thing....AC worked great on the highway, but not in town. Seems the cooling fans for the condensor weren't working. The airflow at 70 mph was enough to cool the condensor, but in town, the air flow wasn't adequate enough. This particular RWD car had the usual engine mounted cooling fan for the radiator, but a separate electric fan for the AC condensor coil. Even with the engine-driven fan operating, the AC still needed the electric fan operating to sufficiently cool the condensor coils.

Just a thought, if the freon levels are up to par.

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