2001 Dodge Caravan A/C


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Unhappy 2001 Dodge Caravan A/C

I have a 2001 dodge caravan and the front a/c only blows on ocassion. The back a/c works fine but the front only works once in every hundred tries and when it does work it only works on the high setting. Please help!!!! We live in Florida and it is hotter then HELL down here!!!! A/C is not an option but a necesity!! Thanks in advance!
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okay... under the hood do you have 2 a/c compressors or just one?

could be the one that runs the front is low on freon.

the switch is not connecting everytime you turn it on.

when you have the a/c on low is the air cold but just not blowing hard?
if so the blower and or the blower control switch is bad.
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If the fan is not working on any speed but high or intermittent: Replace your blower motor resistor. Common failure on the Caravan (both resistor and electronic type) Usually located behind the glove box door.

Printer man - There is no such thing as a Caravan with two compressors. If equipped with rear air there is a separate evaporator in the front and rear with high and low pressure lines running to it. The rear air model takes more freon.
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thanks, i was wondering if that was the case, but i thought i would ask before assumeing

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