Intermittent A/C Compressor


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Intermittent A/C Compressor

2003 Ford Explorer 6 cylinder Eddie Bauer automatic

A/C was not getting cold so I bought some of the R-134 refrigerant can with the pressure gauge. The compressor was not engaging, directions said to add a little refrigerant and check again. After adding a little refrigerant it engages intermittently.

When the compressor is engaged, the pressure gauge on the can reads low (green zone) and indicates to add more, when it is not engaged it says it's nearly full (yellow zone).

Will adding more cause the compressor to remain on?
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When it comes to A/C I kinda like to send people to a shop to get it fixed.. If its low,, it leaks.. the system is designed to operate with a certian amount in it... How much do you have in it now??? You have no idea...How much should it have??? Do you know??? It's not a lot of fun to have cold A/C but you're blind & frost burned from putting refrigerant into a system without weighing it or finding out what happened to the stuff that was in it.. Please Do it safely & take this to a shop... Just my $0.02 worth....Roger

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