BMW 330Ci won't start


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BMW 330Ci won't start

My 2001 BMW 330Ci this AM just would not start. Ran perfectly last night when I parked it in garage. This AM it turns over fine (starter sounds fine) just no combustion / ignition. I do not smell any fuel. Any quick diagnostics I can do before calling the tow truck??

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General info. Do not know BMW's. Too high end for me. Anyway, timing belts or chains can come dislocated/break after car has sat. Maybe you have bad tensioner that caused. Engine normally spins over faster when that happens, as clue. Or you can observe if a distributor still turns or if engine has inspection hole in cover, to observe.

Also with cars, fuel pumps go out this way. Usually you can hear a whirr sound if you remove the gas cap when you turn key to on, if you have in-tank electric fuel pump.

Other cars can have this happen if the crank or cam positioning sensors go out, or some distributor pick-up coil go out. Or a main coil goes out (although I think it is more common for them to go dead after they get hot)

Some cars can lose both spark and gas at same time if a cars auto shutdown relay goes out.

It will not be a security system failure as then car would not even crank.

More carefully try to analyze if gas or spark related by doing spark-to-ground test, and also if you can spray starting fluid into intake system safely (consult with someone in the know like dealership or auto parts store perhaps).
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BMW's operate the same way as every other vehicle out there, nothing special about them.


Can you hear your fuel pump make a whining noise before you start your car? It should whine then go silent a second or two later before turning the key all the way over. Also, how old is the battery?

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