check engine light reset?


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check engine light reset?

I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac and a few days ago the check engine light came on. I took it to my local Auto Zone and the checked it out and told me that the EGR valve was bad. That was the only thing that popped up on there meter. I just replaced it and the check engine light is still on. Does this light need to be reset somehow? Is it something that I can do myself?
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Yes, it is very simple.

EIther go back to the autoparts store, borrow their code reader, and erase it using their code reader, or purchase your own code reader ($40 bucks and up) and do it yourself. With your own code reader, you have the convenience of reading codes when and where you want, since it is very likely this will not be the only ocassion your Check Engine light illuminates.

Good luck!

Also, perhaps someone else can chime in here, and correct me if I am wrong, but once the vehicle sees that the fault no longer exists, won't it turn off the CEL (check engine light) after X number of startups and stops?
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Some codes on some cars will be reset automatically, but it may take a day or so.

I went to the shop and he said ir was an "evap" code, but could not look at it any further that day. Since I had an "evap" code, I immediately went to the gas cap and replaced it properly. - My wife (2000 Blazer) is even worse than I (1999 jimmy) am about putting the cap on right, so I had an idea what would fix it.

Before I could get to the shop a day or two later, it reset itself.

It may only work with "soft" codes.
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I may give it a day or two to reset itself and then if it doesn't fix itself I will take it back in to have it rechecked. Thanks a lot.
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Disconnect the battery and turn the headlights on. Reconnect battery and go for a short drive so your computer can relearn fuel trim, etc. Free, done.
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So I turn the head lights on with the battery unplugged? Do I leave them on while hooking the battery back up? How long do I leave it unhooked for?

I had to put a new battery on the truck so I left the cables unplugged for a couple of hours and when I hooked them back up the light was off. Later that night, it came back on. The next day I went to Auto Zone and they tested the light and it came back as the EGR valve again so I reset it with their machine and later that day it came back on. Any other suggestions?
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Going to need to troubleshoot the egr system. Disconnecting the battery generally won't clear the codes on an OBD-II vehicle.

Can you post the code(s)?

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