Headgasket via hopkinsr2 & wiretwister


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Headgasket via hopkinsr2 & wiretwister

Thanks for the info you gave me. The two of you made me think twice about pulling the heads on my 4.0 Ford Ranger for a coolant leak and investigate some more. I started rechecking everything to find where my coolant was going and discovered that it was overflowing at the overflow tank approximately 5 minutes after I shut the engine off. The temp gauge always stays in the normal range and the coolant only overflowes if I use the AC. I replaced the thermostat and radiator cap and everything appears to be working normal again. Maybe you can use this info sometime in the future. I personally want to thank you both for waking me up to investigate some more and prevent the expense and work involved with pulling heads. Thanks a big bunch.
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Glad we could help, and glad to help you save some money. Thanks for posting back and letting us know what you found.

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