Coolant Flush


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Coolant Flush

2005 Dakota V8 4X4, about 52k miles, bought trk used at 18k miles, want to change coolant, figure its original fluid. Plan to take out thermostat replace water outlet & flush radiator and block, install new thermostat & 50/50 mix of coolant.
Question: Is it good practice to take out the 2 engine block drain plugs for coolant, or is that overkill?

Thanks in advance for any tips or 2 centsBeer 4U2
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you don`t need to take those out for just a coolant flush.

get a can of coolant system flush from the parts store and follow the directions on the can.

i`m not sure if they really do much, it`s been a while since i`ve done that, but the newer stuff may work good especially if your system is not too gunked up.
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coolant flush

I would not use a coolant flush unless I was going to remove the block plugs. You will end up with the block full of the flush,and this might be a bad idea. The block plugs can be a bear to remove so you might want to try them before you make a decesion. If you can before you replace the thermo,fill the block as much as possible via the thermo hole this will eleminate a lot of air in the system. Look for bleeders on the system to aid in removing air. Test the thermo in a pan of water with a candy thermometer even a new one. Good luck
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It depends on how difficult it is to remove the block plugs. You'll probably get a better, more turbulent flush with the plugs removed, but I don't see it as necessary.

If you do remove them, clean the threads and wrap with teflon tape (or some other treatment) to preclude a frozen plug for the future.

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