1995 ford contour, 4 cyl, mannual trans


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1995 ford contour, 4 cyl, mannual trans

Hard to warm up first start of the day, No problem starting, but runs real rough sometimes even backfiring. If you revive the engine enough it will eventually run smoother. Once it running good stays that way all day. Have changed spark plugs.
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That's old enough to need plug wires, too, unless they have been replaced anytime recently. Dist cap & rotor also, if so equipped.
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The Contour has an ignition pack / coil.
It sounds more like the IAC valve.
Is there a check engine light on?
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might also try - remove air inlet hose to throttle body-use old tooth brush & spray carb cleaner to clean throttle plate & housing. dissconnect/reconnect battery.
if you un plug the iac (round-1-1/2' dia cylinder device)
the veh should idle slower than normal-then speed up when plugged back in.

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