Installed new radio but now radio, dome light and others malfunctioning


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Installed new radio but now radio, dome light and others malfunctioning

So I went to install my aftermarket radio in a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer ES. I have the aftermarket radio instructions giving me what color cables in the wiring harness go to what. I bought a Mitsubishi Lancer wiring harness and matched up the cables that were labeled to the radio's cables. I soldered and wrapped them in electric tape. I plugged in the radio and just to test it to make sure I got everything right, I turned on the car and the radio worked perfectly. I unplugged the radio and then for the grounding cable, I loosened a bolt in the metal frame behind the dash and slipped the grounding cable underneath the bolt and tightened it. I put everything back together and turned on my car and...nothing. The radio does not turn on at all. To make sure it was nothing with the radio, I plugged in the old factory radio back in and it does not turn on either. Now the dome light and the clock do not turn on. Also, my power locks do not work unless the key is turned to on and my door ajar warning sound as well. And on top of all of that, my trip meter resets back to zero after the car is turned off. My total mileage is fine, just the trip meter though.
I checked some of the fuses so far that I thought would be part of this, and they all checked out good.
Any ideas?
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Keep checking the fuses... Do you have a fuse box under the hood?? This is the reason I turned down buying 3 cars as I've found if it has an Aftermarket stereo,, alarm, or a remote start installed,, It's more trouble than it's worth & more trouble in the future...All the new cars have security built into them & if you remove a part of the network,, You're asking for trouble... Just my thought... Roger

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