Dry Oil Filter


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Dry Oil Filter

My son in college has a 2002 Ford Taurus w/115,000 miles.

He went to a Wal-Mart Auto Center to have the oil changed last weekend. The tech came back and stated that the oil filter was bone dry (no oil).

My initial thought was they were merely trying to up-sell an engine flush or something but my son said they were simply perplexed over the event and did not try to sell any other services. Being that it was an Wal-Mart versus any other fast oil change place, I tend to agree. They went ahead and changed the oil (5w 20) and put on a new filter

Still, what could cause this if indeed true? I have to figure if the oil pump was not working, the engine would fry in no time.
Afterwards, he drove the vehicle (w the new oil) over 200 miles with no problem?

Any ideas? Any risk of damage at this point?

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There is an "anti-drain" valve in the filter.. If this valve is defective the oil will drain back to the oil pan.. No-name filters may not even have one.. This is why I only use Ford filters on Fords,, AC Delco on Chevs,, Etc.. Not a real big deal if the oil pump can fill the filter quick,, but it's nice to start with a full filter... Just my thought as you'll get a hundred replys about the best filters to use all based on others experience & their favorite filters... Roger
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I agree, use a quality filter always. You get what you pay for.
Fram Extra Guard
Ford - they can cross ref. the part #
K&N Filters are good too.
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that's is why you do not go to wallmart/jiffylube!!
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Defective bypass valve, I would think. I doubt a simple drain down would leave a filter "bone-dry" at a quick lube oil change where the engine is probably still warm.

Some info:

Oil Filter

Probably not good to be driving around not filtering the oil, but probably not fatal.
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I always change my own oil, and my wife's, some of the kids...... and the only dry oil filter I've ever seen is the one that's still in the box. My not so mechanical mind would have to agree with TG that the oil isn't reaching the filter. My jeep has an upside down filter and even though I drain the pan first, it still makes a mess when changing.

side note - the old flathead fords had an optional oil filter - it hung on the firewall [or was it the fenderwell?] and was connected by copper tubing I've never been big on high price oil filters but have always tried to use good oil and change regularly.... remember when that used to be every 2000 miles
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oil filt

No Mark those remote oil filters were on a bracket bolted to the motor so the oil lines wouldnt flex. They were so much fun to change. I still have one of the old suction guns.
I had a Ford Pickup that I changed the oil on and the next morning the filter was drained. I changed the filter again (different brand) next morning same thing. Changed it again with a different brand and same thing,finally on the fourth one it quit draining???????????

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