No Acceleration


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No Acceleration

I have a 2003 Windstar that when you step on the accelerator, basically nothing happens. If I step on the gas slowly, I can get it up to about 60-65 but it pretty much refuses to go over that. Stepping on the gas hard produces about 3000 rpms. Stepping on the gas at slower speeds produces little to no acceleration again.

No CEL but I did pull a p171 only when I checked it at home.

I'm wondering if it could be any of these possibilities:

1) Bad fuel pump (seems like it's getting enough gas though)
2) Clogged fuel injectors (already changed fuel filter & fuel pressure regulator)
3) Plugged or bad catalytic converter
4) Bad transmission (ooo, don't even want to think about it)

I was considering Seafoaming the engine and then cleaning the injectors (any best way to do this?) this weekend hoping that might help. Any more thoughts would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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the p0171 indicates - system lean- bank 1-
comon problem for this engine(leaking upper intake gaskets & seals around the bolts that hold it to the lower intake)
but do not cause the - no acceleration
any thing 'i' tel you hear would be a guess at best
can you/are you equipped/knowledgeable enough- try-loosen the nuts that hold the exhaust up to the exhaust manifolds,several turns-creasts a noisy exhaust leak.
give it a quick road test-if all better- plugged exhaust
possible covered by exhaust emissions warranty.
if not all better-possible fuel pump.
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I did the intake seal/isolator bolt repair a while back. Also had it reflashed thereafter.

I'll give the exhaust test a try if I can get the bolts loosened. They're usually pretty rusty.

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