cant get crank pulley off 99 neon


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cant get crank pulley off 99 neon

I have a 99 dodge neon that does not want to give up its harmonic balancer. the bolt came out easy. i grab my 3 arm gear puller and put it on put the impact on and i expected it to come off easy to. well no it didnt. i put some PB on it and let it soak for 15 min and try again, nothing. i keep spraying and let it soak overnite, still nothing. it hasnt budged. i clean up all the PB dry it really well and try heating it up. Nothing. so i go into my garage today to give it one more try and bam the edge where the puller has been pulling against chips off. about 1/2 an inch by an 1/8 of an inch piece. Is the pully unuseable now? and how the heck do i get this thing off. it looks as if the last time the person changed the timing belt they used a hammer to drive the pully back on. on one section its hard to tell where the pully stops and crankshaft begins. i was thinking about buying a new pully and trying to cut the old one off. maybe just cut a few stress relieving gaps in the front edge of the pully to help free up the tension. or should i just put it all back together and tell my neighbor to take it to a shop. i have a neon and did the timing belt with no problems at all. this car has over 200,000 thousand miles on it and its been about 110,000 since it was changed last. i really want to get the job done but i am running out of ideas on how to get this thing off. anyone have a better idea?
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'some' chrysler products require a special puller.
it has a long/ thin rod at the end of the puller bolt.
the hole in the center of the ballancer is smaller than the average puller bolt
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I had the same problem with a standard puller on my daughter's Neon, the bolt wasn't long enough. I took the puller to the local NAPA and got a longer bolt for it, came off with no problem.

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