AC not cold


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AC not cold

Hey, i have a 2003 navigator. I had the ac charged in the begining of the syummer and dye tested for leaks since it was charged the year before. Mechanic said it didnt take much freon and there werent any leaks. about a month later ac gets warm at best. if the system is charged, what are some other possible issues? sensors, thermostat?
also, when the ac is running, there is a hiss sound every few minutes like something is releiving air...possible from dash?
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try-drive 5 min with the a/c on
open the hood-put the a/c on high blower
full cold /doors open
have some one hold eng at a high idle-1200/1500 rpm
find the larger-3/4'" aluminum tube coming out of the accumulator(looks like an aluminum coffe can/may have insulation around it)-if the tube is 'cold'-45deg,or so-the a/c is charged-warm-not charged.-leak some where
if tube is cold-but a/c not cooling-/-navigator is equipped with dual atc-electronic control head-
possible problem there-most likely to your local ford dealer
'be sure to bring your check book'-(lol-!!)

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