door light switch


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door light switch

hey all, got a 2001 dodge ram 1500 and i just got it about a week ago. just working out all the bugs in it. I replaced the entire brake system, 02 sensor, ball joints, and reverse light switch. its mechanicly sound but now i noticed that the interior light switch on the door jam is broken off on the driver side. its not a big deal but really agrivating at night. Anyway anyone know where i could find one besides the dealer and how to install it. Im very good at mechanical stuff but not so much on electronics. thanks
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Probably just pry it out. Should have one or two wires attached. Unhook wires and attach them to the replacement switch. Then just push the switch back into the jam.
Should be fairly cheap at the dealer ( call and ask ) or at your " mature auto parts boutique" aka junkyard.
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Before trying to pry, observe that it may have a hexagon shape and have a threaded body as I'm familiar with in older Chrysler cars. This kind has one power lead and is grounded via its body for return. I've used a 7/16th box or socket to turn them out. Take care to retrieve the wiring behind it. Other switches having a round shape are pryable and probably have two leads. I've bought them at independant parts houses.

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