Is there an easy way to tell if security system failure?


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Is there an easy way to tell if security system failure?

I passed a gas station moments ago and a lady and her daughter? were out next to their van with the hood open, calling someone on their cell phone. I presume the car did not start.

Obviously she made it to the pump, but then it would not start is my guess.

A year or two ago, I happened to be at a convenience store, and this lady in the parking stalls could not get her car to start. Me and aother motor head type guy (her nephew that I knew, and just coincidently happened to be there and was not riding with her) were looking for all the obvious stuff, but could not find anything wrong. We made certain tests. I can't remember what they all were now. But then a tow truck came and had to get the car. And later we found out there was something wrong with her security system and may have been her chip key.

Do most vehicles have any symbols that come up on the dash if you try to start a car and either the chip key is no longer being read or some other malfunciton with the security system?

The reason I ask is that I try to lend a hand when I can. This way if I know that say there is, then I can look for the obvious and tell the person that is what their problem is.

What a mess we have created for ourselves by having all this extra stuff that can go wrong with not only vehicles, but other things - like the tenants dishwasher that may not have ran, due to the hot water sensor was not sensing hot water or some glitch. Never used to have such stuff. I wonder if the ulcer rate has gone up.

Oh, and I find it quite irritating to hear horns honking, or that other sound when people in grocery store parking lots are walking towards their cars with their remote and activate the door locks, and the headlights flash. One day I was a little jumpy and it made me jump when I happened by such a vehicle, and that happened! The owner grinned at me. And I hate that incessant beeping that mimmicks someone breaking into the vehicle, and you know nobody is, and it's like crying wolf. How stupid - whoever invented such a system, and they let this go into production!
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gm units will have a solid on security light or a flashing security light on and the engine will crank and not start or start and die after 3-5 seconds

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