Where can I get odd exhaust pipe adapter?


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Where can I get odd exhaust pipe adapter?

I'm trying to fix my friends car. The exhaust pipe sheared off right next where the cats welded on. Technically the adapter I need is 2 1/4 to 2 1/2, but I need it to slide over the weld bead on the cat. So I need something more like 2 1/4 to 3". I can't find it anywhere. I only have four inches of straight exhaust pipe before it dips down, so back to back adapters are out of question.

Does anyone know where I can get these things custom made? Or a website online that has an abundance of sizes? I've searched all the napa's, autozones, cap's, etc. I need a 2 1/4" ID to 3" ID exhaust adapter. If I can just find the right size, this would be a 10 min repair. I would really really appreciate help. I don't take defeat well
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not being able to 'see' it.
possible-grind the weld-bead off.
do a little more measuring go to your local muffler shop/the usually can make pretty much what you are looking for.
might even take the whole vehicle to them-let them weld it back together
'this is the kind of stuff they do'
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I don't want to grind the bead off under this little car. It will be very difficult and won't come out perfect. I guess as a last resort, I can disconnect it at a flange and do it on a bench. The thing thats driving me nuts, is its a ten minute job if I can find the right part.

The shops havn't been very helpful. They claim they can't make adapters going by measurements. Rather, they need the actual pipe to stick in a machine and match it.

Theres got to be a specialty website online with all kinds of hard to find exhaust stuff and custom stuff. I am unable to find any exhaust parts online however.

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