Is it worth to repair toyota camry 1998?


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Is it worth to repair toyota camry 1998?

I have a toyota camry 1998. 162,000 miles.It is going very smooth.Recently accident happend to my car.Auto body people are asking $3000 to repair my car .I cant decide , is it worth to put that much money on that car? If i put that much money on this car will it come three more years,I mean 200,000 miles? I need help please.
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The car as is must be nearly worthless, right?

So you sell it has is for hundreds of dollars for as is or for parts or scrap.

Or fix it to near new condition? And sell it for $3,000, if you are lucky. You net nothing/maybe lose a few hundred even, if you are forced to sell for under $3000!

That is the way I see it anyway. I went to school to be able to at least reason good enough for this, hopefully.

This based on me not knowing what exactly is the damage is and if it affects it's drivability or inspection requirements..
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What is the book value of your Toyota? or can help you estimate the real world value of your car. Can you buy a similar used car for that $3000?

Many Toyotas, if properly maintained, will last much longer than 162,000 miles. There was a mid 90's Camry recently advertised locally with 475,000 miles on it and it reportedly was in good condition. So yes it might be possible to get many more miles out of your car if it was repaired. On the other hand, you might find a Camry with fewer miles for the same money as it will take you to repair yours.

I presume you do not have collision insurance on your car. If you had, I'm sure the insurance company would have considered it a total loss. Have you gotten other estimates to repair the damage?
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Get Another Car

Your car was worth approximately $3000 before the accident. Therefore the repair cost is 100 percent of its value. Sell it for scrap/parts and get another car.
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worth repair?

I have a rural paper route. Old route was 120 miles, new route s 50+ miles. I have had several cars over the last 12 years & Camrys are the only way to go. I've had 4 Camrys & they all have gone 220,000 miles or more. One went 308,000 miles and only died after the 5th deer it met. Not sure how much damage from wreck, but $3000 sounds high. Check the value of the car at Kelly Blue Book ( Last Camry was 1995 with 156,000 miles. Only paid little over $3000. Can you have enough repair to make it drivable & safe? Not sure if this helps.
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My wife and I are on our second Camry (first one was still running strong at 175k) and in a couple of years will replace our current one with another. BUT if I had a '98 with 162k and $3000 in damage it would go to the crusher and I would put the $3000 towards its replacement. Even as good as they are, there's no gaurantee the newly repaired car won't dump the tranny or throw a rod through the block two weeks later.
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